Discover How Forgiveness Is the Key to Lasting Transformation: The Path to True Forgiveness

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APR, 24 2020 @ 09:00 AM to 04:30 PM (EST)
Registration 8-8:45 (Must be seated by 9 AM sharp)

Staybridge Suites Philadelphia Montgomeryville
119 Garden Golf Blvd North Wales, PA 19454


Your Powerful Life Changing Transformational Forgiveness Journey with Guided, Interactive Coaching Experience is Ready For YOU!

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*VERY limited seating for this intimate event!


Join me and experience The Path to True Forgiveness. This is a life and business changing event unlike ANY other. You will be fully immersed in this experience and led from whoever you are right now in your thoughts, feelings and actions that aren’t serving you, to where you have always wanted to be.


The change will be permanent and you will find more peace, clarity, calm, self-confidence, joy and centeredness so you live your life on your own design as what you desire and deserve flows to YOU!

Terri Levine will create a safe space for this intimate group to experience this one-time journey.

Dr. Levine is a, Master Coach, Clinical Psychologist and The Author of About to Break: The Path to True Forgiveness. She has been involved in communications, language, mental health, coaching and psychology work for over 4 decades.

You will be in expert loving and caring hands with a guide who cares and wants you to walk away transformed and knows how to take you through this process.


You will arrive between 8 and 8:45 am dressed however you desire (we recommend you bring a light sweater or jacket). There will be beverages in the hotel lobby and we will give you 90 minutes to grab lunch at the nearby restaurants while you integrate your learning peacefully dining.

You will bring a NEW journal or a few journals with you along with colored pens/pencils/highlighters and markers. No computers, laptops, tablets or other devices are allowed in the room.
You will bring your physical copy of About to Break: The Path to True Forgiveness and will have read the book BEFORE you attend. (You can have the book signed at the 4:00 – 4:30 book signing as well!). You will enter the journey with an open mind and heart prepared to transform. You may bring snacks and other beverages of your choice into the sacred space.
There will be safety, no judgement, and unconditional love for you on this journey.

Your Journey Will Unfold as You Are Guided on The Path to True Forgiveness with A Proven Process Which Will Include:

  • Opening Your Mind to Prepare for True Forgiveness: Guided Meditation
  • ​Overcoming Words As “Spells” Exercise
  • Not Running with The Ball: Exercise
  • ​Learning to BE in the Present Moment: In Depth Personal Journey
  • ​Visualization: Letting Go of Resistance and Fear
  • ​Guided Individual Personal Forgiveness Process with Live Coaching and Support to Erase your Personal History That No Longer Serves You
  • Internal Work: Stop Telling Stories
  • ​Interactive Exercise/Self-Discovery: Embracing the Pathway of Personal Responsibility
  • The Appreciation Formula: Discovery
  • ​Journaling: Emotional Vampires
  • ​Integrating the Experience and Taking It Home: Establishing Your New Agreements
  • ​Your Individualized Action Steps

Ben Gay III
The Closers

"I’ve known Terri Levine and read many of her business books and was curious about what she would reveal in her autobiography. I didn’t expect to receive a lesson so valuable on forgiveness which is so healthy and valuable for every human being."

"After more than 21 years of emotional, mental, and physical abuse, working with some of the top elite therapists, coaches & mentors in the world, earning multiple  certifications, learning to let go, love and forgive myself, have realized you have a gift shift. We can never stop moving and learning from our higher power and you have given us so many amazing tools, exercises, and gifts here, for transformation and expansion. Thank you for being so authentic, transparent and opening yourself up to the world to heal others. This will change lives, as it already has mine, again on a much deeper level. This is for forgiveness and self-love... beautiful you! I love you Terri Levine."

Crystal Davis
#1 International Best Selling Author of
“The Authentic Driven Life”

"If you want to live your life free from the burdens of
anger, frustration, guilt and sadness, look no further than  Terri Levine."

John J. Fenton, best selling author of
5 Minute Mastery™, The Surprising Secrets
for Transforming Your Stress to Success
and Mastering What’s Important

I know Terri Levine, her stories, her tools and her self forgiveness shone through me.
I now really know Terri Levine and I know more of

Di Downie
International Best Seller of A High Heels Paradox

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